HAKOZ ltd. is a medium sized engineering company established in 2005 as a part of a producer with a tradition from 1991. The company specializes for the production of unique, specially shaped and welded steel constructions, stairs, rails / bars, internal and external elements. We also produce lockers and precisely shaped products made of tin as well as tanks and receptacles, parts for the air condition, frames and skeletons.

The main areas of our activities are: building and house constructions, office buildings, reconstruction of interiors and exteriors. We supply shops and offices with furniture, office appliances, billboards and plastic advertisements. The stable technological background and experiences allow us to produce different elements and machine spare parts, covers and other products requiring visual aesthetic and clear design.

The main target of the company is to build up a prosperous company with balanced environmental and ecological background, with a creative and flexible production plan, with highly qualified and experienced employees and with the own technical-technological background.



System of quality control

Our basic intention is to keep and improve unceasingly the system of quality management by the norm EN ISO 9001:2008. We increase quality level in manufactoring and self-consciousness of employees at security and sanitary regulations by the permanent training in our company.

Focussed on customers

We commit ourselves to respond to our customers flexibly, on the other hand we offer them our solution if it meets  their requires. Prolonged and permanent care of quality at delivered products and provided services are the basic accessories to satisfy our customers´demands.

Cooperation with our suppliers

Our general commitment to quality leads us to cooperate only with reliable suppliers, who carry out their tasks against us for a long time, therefore to preclude the possibility of disagreement.

Focussed on employees

We increase the satisfaction of our employees with providing better working conditions, fair-minded appreciation of work results, and we offer opportunity to grow professionally, these all are the parts of our company´s culture.

Working conditions

We systematically control manufacturing machineries and manual tools to prevent the defects, accidents and troubles. Our employees are trained regularly in the sphere of Security and sanitary regulations to prevent the accidents at work.