Parts of machines, devices and appliances

Bended and welded machine coverings and appliances, visually clear surfaces, ventilating grids with pressed inlets for conduction the hot air.
Manufacturing doors and lockers including total covering machines and devices with sheet metal. Manufacturing different spare parts and components of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Bended sheet metal parts. Operating boards and counters.

Operating trolleys, platform barriers

Manufacturing operating trolleys operated mechanically, transportation facilities operated mechanically, transportation facilities for goods and luggage, trolleys for airports and stores. Welded ramps, bended and forming parts of frames for cabins in commercial vehicles. Pressed parts operating equipments and machine components. Manufacturing benches and walkway surfaces. Punched and pressed, formed profiles.

Metal furniture, wardrobes, counters, boxes, containers and tanks

Manufacturing shelves, counters and atypical shapes of stands. Manufacturing metal furniture, metal beds and supplementaries, skeletons of tables and chairs. Welded lockers, cabinets, assembly work-benches, chest of drawers for tools. Industrial cabinets and pots. Welded containers of stainless steel, aluminium and titanium. Parts of air-conditioning equipments, filter cases and sheet metal parts of filtering and air-conditioning. Manufacturing recuperators, containers and tanks with double covering.

Light welded constructions and frames

Transmitter pylons, welded constructions and frames, skeletons of houses. Metal parts of buildings like exterior and interior stairs, rails and handles. Manufacturing steel windows and portals including doorframes and window frames. Shelters and dividing walls. Parts of shading technique, manufacturing exterior units like window-sills, special conducts and sheet metal coverings.

Advertising panels, inscription and stretchers

Advertising lightened panels of light metals. Attentions and strechers in different shapes and cuts. Plastic neon lights with the title and logo of company. Letter made of stainless steel in 2D and 3D. Information kiosks, signboards and attentions. Billboards and mega-board hanging on with under lightening. Basis boards for advertising stickers. Advertising shelves and exhibit boxes. Advertising stands and shelves.