CNC blending and shaping sheets

maximum thickness of bending sheet - 6 mm
maximum length of bending sheet - 3000 mm
maximum pressing power – 120 ton

NC cutting sheets

maximum thickness of material - 6mm
maximum length of cutting - 3050 mm
maximum back catching - 750mm

Curling of sheets

digital survey of position lower rolls
maximum thickness of material – 4mm
maximum width of curling – 2050 mm



NC Bending of profiles

maximum diameter of profile – Ø 50 mm
maximum semi-diameter of bending – 150 mm
accuracy of bending ± 0,1⁰

NC Curling of profiles

digital survey of position upper rolls
driving all the three rolls
possible manufacturing screw line in 3D

NC Milling of components

digital survey in three directions X, Y, Z
lifting spindle - 250 mm
size of clamping face – 1150x800 mm



Spot welding of sheet metals

welding capacity – 20 kVA
unloading shoulders – 250 – 500 mm
maximum thickness of sheet metal – 4 mm

Welding of stainless steel, aluminium and titanium

full digitalized supply source
methods of welding MIG/MAG TIG/WIG
dimensions of welding current – 3-270A

Welding of sheet metals and profiles

methods of welding – MIG/MAG
welding of sheet metals from thickness 0,5 mm
welding current – 40-360A